Personal development tools: focusing on education and career planning* to find your element


What it does

This is a free to use prototype online web-application. It provides Personal development tools for personal exploration, reflection, planning and coaching. Providing the user/student a framework to record and develop plans to clarify their own ideas, and for Coaches or Mentors to offer targeted inline feedback. Although the tools can be used in a variety of ways it focuses on two areas: Education planning and Career planning . pPlan is a personal tool to aid decision making when developing your own strategies and is intended to support the eight Gatsby benchmarks of Good Career Guidance

In addition, a Course to accompany these tools is also being slowly developed along with information on shared Global goals & the goals of organisations to provide context to an individual's goals. See the System overview for how these fit together

Try it!

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  • username: student-demo
  • password: StudentPass/demo
❸ See pPlan open views that are publicly accessible on the internet.
These along with the pPlan course are intended to eventually provide an Open educational resource (OER)

Note, there is other important information in the "What you should know" section

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Example: Summary view

Summarising your: values, interests, strengths, abilities, goals and depth of planning - creating a portrait for your reflection and sharing with others to get the conversation started.

Sometimes one conversation can change your career path or (educational) plans...!
Note, this is the page with button to create new goals.

Example open views

Note, this does not search the private goals of individuals but goals created especially to be shared as exemplars, templates and/or nodes in the Goal tree

Notes on support roles

The term support role SP is used to mean in no particular order or exclusively:

  • Coach
  • Mentor
  • Teacher
  • Tutor
  • Counsellor
  • Friend (peer)
  • Sibling
  • Parent
  • Grand parent
  • Aunt, Uncle

In other words people using pPlan as a tool to support other pPlan users. Below are the permission profiles which these support roles can be assigned

User permission profiles
These are groups (of users) with specific permissions assigned (See support roles below)
Note: Can add goals,,, see below
Editor Note: Can edit goals... Commentator Note: Can add feedback... Spectator Note: Can view... Public
Note: Special group which can be used to grant public access.
  Full control

Note: This group is reserved for the owner & possibly parents of young children

Click here to see more information on the permissions matrix

Information on assigning support roles

Figure 3 Support roles

Built-in system coaches

For the full list of built-in system coaches please see the `age group` field in pPlan's Sign Up form. Below lists the first 3 pPlan system assigned (AgeGroup) coaches. . These have been arbitrarily* associated with real people who have some publicly known connection with human rights or environmental sustainability. This is to:
1) help remember these coach accounts
2) help understand how pPlan can be used i.e. users can share prof/social profile links (CV/portfolio) with coaches

System Coaches Associated real person Views: Summary
Coach for age range: Up to 10 years in age

First name: pPlan-Coach
Last name: 10-lt
( Greta Thunberg )
School strike for climate
Link type: Wikipedia entry

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Link type: Twitter
Coach for age range: 11-15

First name: pPlan-Coach
Last name: 11-15
( Vanessa Nakate )
Climate activism
Link type: Wikipedia entry

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Link type: Twitter
Coach for age range: 16-19

First name: pPlan-Coach
Last name: 16-19
( Mahatma Gandhi )
Indian independence movement
Link type: Wikipedia entry

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* Not completely arbitrarily selected, they are all mentioned in this article and have wikipedia pages
This apps goal is that:
your input and engagement with: A - E, along with feedback [ SP + AI   ] supports achieving your goals and improves self-awareness Context / use-cases
User account setup workflow:
1. Signup:
  • username, password & email set
  • + age-group, country...
    (important for pPlan support)
  • email sent (see step 2.)
2. verification:
  • Email verification if True: account activated
3. Setup includes:
  • 1 default Board for goals (+ user & profile records)
  • 4+ role Groups (7 in total)
  • System assigned AgeGroup coach
  • Free personal subscription
4. Get started:
B Questionnaires (psychological instruments)

Personality test, Character strengths +Inventories:
1. Values
2. Interests
3. Abilities

A Goal setting & planning tool

Set broad goals and 1 or many SMART action plans which can all receive inline feedback F

C Entries: Personal journal, supporting information & analysis
D Profile & external tools
E Course to support your edu/career development

It references: global & organisation goals & curriculum links

V Views: Goal-with-plans, Goal-pictures-view, Summary, Profile, Dashboard
Experimental views : Grid-Mapped planning...
Requesting & Assigning me SuPport SP - support roles may include: coaches, family, mentors, teachers, friends, tutors
F Feedback from supporting roles on A B C D & any direct communication
Computer feedback based on statistical analysis & ML AI  
Click for a more comprehensive overview
Figure 2 System overview

Dashboard & Profile pages

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Example: Dashboard

  1. Where you can click to edit your goals or :
    • put them in order (prioritise)
    • archive when complete (or un-archive)
  2. If you are a coach/tutor/mentor you can access your coahees Summary and planning views...
  3. Request assignment of Coaches and/or Coachees
  4. ...

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Example: User profile

From the profile page you can

  • Update & add additional email addresses
  • Add & update names
  • Add your age range, organisation...
  • Current educational stage/year etc.

See system overview D below for more info