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  • The term ‘Autism; from the Greek ‘autos’ meaning self used by Dr Eugen Bleuler, director of Burgholzi Hospital, Zurich.

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  • Child Psychologist: Dr Carl Fenichel who founded the League Treatment Centre, Brooklyn, NY. Fenichel always believed autism had a biological cause. (Feinstein, 2010, p.52)

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  • 1962 - A group of parents in Britain founds what will become the National Autistic Society, the first autism organization.” (Donvan and Zucker 2016,p.555)

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  • “1986 Temple Grandin publishes Emergence: Labeled Autistic, her first book about the expereince of having autism. (Donvan and Zucker 2016, p.558)

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  • “1993 Self-advocate Jim Sinclair delivers a speech titled “Don’t Mourn for Us,” marking the birth of a movement for self-advocacy by people with autism. The speech lays the foundation for a philosophy that opposes attempts to cure autism, later dubbed “neurodiversity”. (Donvan and Zucker 2016, p.559)

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  • 2004 Dan Grover and Alex Plank set up Wrong The largest online community for autism. the site includes a chatroom, a forum, and articles describing how to deal with daily issues. (Plank, 2022)

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